Hallowiin Pics Part 1

authorMark | October 30, 2008

Here’s the first Wii costumes of the season! If you are dressing up as a game character this year send us a pic (adults and kids both welcome) and we’ll post them next week.

Bowser and Mario

Bowser and Mario

Wiimotes + Blender = Funny

authorMark | October 29, 2008

Another funny Wii video to get you through the week. Blendtec Blenders will chew through just about anything, even wiimotes! WARNING - DO NOT DO TRY THIS AT HOME. Kids - repeat after me: I will NOT blend my wiimotes, I will NOT blend my wiimotes, I will NOT blend my wiimotes…

Nintendo Announces Animal Crossing Costume Contest

authorMark | October 28, 2008

This just in from Nintendo…

To get folks fired up for the November 16 release of Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Wii, Nintendo is hosting an outrageous animal costume contest.

Animal lovers can show their creativity by submitting their most creative images of animals dressed in costumes or even as characters from Animal Crossing. The selected top 50 photos in the “Animal Crossing Welcome Waggin’ Costume Contest” will win membership to the Welcome Waggin’ Committee. They will also get a Wii game console, a copy of Animal Crossing: City Folk, a Wii Speak microphone, and more. In my opinion, that’s worth an embarrassing pet photo or two…

Expanding on the popularity of the Animal Crossing series, Animal Crossing: City Folk lets every member of the household partake in the fun of an animal-filled town. Players use the the wiimote controls to customize their own characters and environment. Also, for the first time, players can take their adventure “downtown” to the city, complete with shopping and theater adventures. It’s also the first game to make use of the Wii Speak microphone, a new accessory that we previously wrote about which enables players to use voice chat over a broadband Internet connection.

Daily photo picks and details about the “Animal Crossing Welcome Waggin’ Costume Contest” will be posted at www.WelcomeWagginContest.com. Entries will be accepted Oct. 27 - Nov. 16.

Xbox Deals at Dell.com

authorMark | October 24, 2008

I know lightning will probably strike me for posting this on a Wii blog, but I feel I owe it to all of our loyal gamers out there… Dell is currently running a really good deal on two Xbox 360 console bundles. I don’t see how prices could get much better as we move into the holiday shopping season. Full disclosure: My Wii News is not affiliated with Dell or this promotion.

First is the Microsoft Xbox 360 Arcade Holiday Bundle for $169.99 when you use the $30 Off coupon: NC383L9N3B4M45. This bundle includes 5 Xbox Live Arcade Games as well as SEGA Superstars Tennis.

They also have the Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite Holiday Bundle for $329.99 when you use the $70 Off coupon: 9VZC3829M7GXC9. This bundle comes with LEGO Indiana Jones, Kung Fu Panda and the larger 120GB hard drive.

When ordering, if a pop up box appears, select “Home or Home Office”. Also, if it shows that the console is out of stock, add it to your shopping cart as you normally would, check out, and your console will ship when they are next available.

Some Wii Humor to Help Get You Through the Week…

authorMark | October 22, 2008

Just a quick post to share a couple of humorous Wii videos. Enjoy!

Lazy Man’s Wii

Real Life Mario Kart

These guys have waaaaay too much time on their hands…

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