Green Nintendo DS Rolls Out Just in Time for Mother’s Day

authorMark | April 27, 2009

Available on May 3rd, Nintendo will be rolling out a new Nintendo DS system color - Green. Each Green DS comes bundled with a case and Personal Trainer: Cooking… a hint for a Mother’s Day gift perhaps?

Available as a pre-order from


What Recession? Nintendo Set to Post Record Profit

authorMark | April 10, 2009

With strong sales of the Wii, DS and top selling software, analysts anticipate Nintendo will post a record operating profit of $5.3 billion (yes, with a “b”) for their fiscal year which just ended on March 31st.

With their competitors reelingĀ  (Sony is expected to post record losses), combined with the phenomenal launch of the DSi, which sold an incredible 600,000 in the US and Europe in its first weekend, Nintendo is in a position few other companies can claim: cash rich, sales continuing to rise and a hot new product that will ensure continued success through 2009.

GameStop, Inc. GameStop, Inc.

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