Super Mario Chess Set Now Available

authorMark | December 5, 2009

USAopoly, game maker noted for their spinoff versions of Monopoly, has released a Super Mario Chess Set just in time for the holiday season. Could be a nice alternative to a video game for the gamer in your life as well as a neat way to introduce them to chess! The pieces are the classic Nintendo Good Guys vs. Bad Guys, with Mario and Luigi as the King and Queen for the Good Guys and Bowser and Bowser Jr. for the Bad Guys. Gold coins and Koopa shells are the pawns.

Incredible Nintendo Wii Deal @ Walmart

authorMark | December 3, 2009

Walmart has just announced that beginning this Saturday, December 5th at 8 AM, they will be giving customers a $50 gift card with every Nintendo Wii purchase, bringing the net price of the console down to just $149.99 — and that is by far the absolute best deal on for the Wii we’ve seen so far this holiday season.

The promotional offer lasts until December 12, or while supplies last. Our guess is that the “while supplies last”  part will end the promotion well before the 12th. We’d recommend getting their bright and early Saturday if you wanted to take advantage of the offer. No word yet on whether they will make this offer available online as well.

GameStop, Inc. GameStop, Inc.

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