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I’m Mark (Mii coming soon…), the new owner of My Wii News. My kids pulled me into the gaming world a couple of years ago and I now regularly compete with them for console time. Like many other people, the Wii is my first true gaming experience and I really enjoy how it engages people of all ages. Family game night has a whole new meaning in our house now! I want to recognize and thank the talented team that got My Wii News off the ground, and am leaving their bios up so you can better appreciate the site’s origins. Here they are:

The Founding Team:

My name is Bucky and I have been a Nintendo fan from the beginning. A bit of a “fanboy”, I’ll admit it, but when you have been with a certain product for so long, it tends to grow on you. I started this magazine as a way to express my point of view with the world. As an avid Nintendo player, I think more and more people need to express themselves. It is us, after all, that ultimately determine what game manufacturers create. Without our opinions, games would be dull and boring. We must speak our minds and tell them what we want in an effort to grow our own game libraries by exponential proportions.

Ilchymis is the Editor for MyWiiNews, and also works along Bucky in game outreach and coverage. He’s a student by day, but a gamer by life. When he’s not busy playing his newly acquired Wii, he’s probably playing some archaic RPG or avoiding class. Go figure. More of his works and contact info can be found at his personal website here.

Canucklehead is a video game junkie since Pong. You can also check him out at Canucklehead.ca

Lukatoll is an air force brat, and has lived in many places around the world… He loves to Game, play guitar and write! (He also likes cheese)

Youngblood is a full-time newspaper reporter and avid gamer of all consoles, specifically the Wii. Besides the Wii, he also spends countless hours playing MMORPGS on PC.

Meeker is a sophomore at Humboldt and a double major in Political Science and Religious Studies with a minor in Computer Information Systems. A couple of the game series I play religiously include Smash Bros, Zelda, Mario, Half-Life and Metal Gear. My first system was a SNES and I’ve been hooked to games ever since.

Mike is a 4th year Journalism student and Editor at My Wii News. When he’s not writing about and playing games, he’s wishing for a multiplayer online Metroid Prime title for Wii to come around. If he isn’t here, you can find him at his personal blog: www.game-genius.net

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  • By Canucklehead, October 9, 2008 @ 2:00 pm

    That’s mighty nice of you to leave us up there for prosperity. I too LOVE plaing the Wii with the family. All the best with the site - I’ll be by to visit from time to time. CHEERS!

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