Animal Crossing: City Folk Confirmed for this year

Animal Crossing, one of the most anticipated titles this year has just been confirmed to be coming out this year. In Animal Crossing you live in a town and do what you like. There is no real goal to the game, other then to share and enjoy it. The purpose of the game, according to the creator, is to feel like your really in a living breathing world.

Animals Crossing Wii, now known as Animal Crossing: City Folk, takes Animal Crossing to a whole new level. You are able to visit and explore a  new fictional city anytime you want. The City brings a lot of new content to the game. Such as an auction site, where you buy and sell things to players across the globe. A happy room academy, where you can check out what other players are doing online across the globe. You can even go to a grooming salon, to put on a mask and look like your very own Mii.

Animal Crossing is going to attempt to make the game really feel like a world you have created. With an real internal clock, day will be day, night will be night, and new year’s day will really be new year’s day in the game too. Also, messages sent in the game will be sent to the Wii message boards of your friends.  Or email addresses and phones, if that’s your thing

This all sounds really cool, but do you want to hear the best news? Voice chat! Yes, you heard me! Voice chat! A new community microphone called Wii Speak will let you and your friends talk to eachother from across the globe. Also since it is a microphone instead of a traditional headset, anyone in the room will be able to talk and listen to the players online.

Sounds cool, eh? More news is coming out of E3 so stay tuned!

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