Can Wii Talk? Wii Speak Channel Coming in November

Nintendo is about to add a whole new dimension to future Wii games - Wii Speak. They’ve announced that the new Wii Speak Channel will be arriving in mid-November and will use a microphone called the (obviously)  Wii Speak that sits on your TV.  When you purchase the microphone, you get a code that allows you to download the Wii Speak Channel at no charge from the Wii Shop Channel. The Wii Speak Channel will allow people in up to four locations to chat with one another. A cool feature is that when you use Wii Speak in real time, your Mii appears and mimics your conversation. You’ll also be able to leave voice messages for friends or even place audio notes on your photos. Yet another step closer in the morphing of TV, computer and game console.

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