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Japanese Gaming Store Pics Galore!

authorLukatoll | April 18, 2008

I’m afraid to say it, but honestly, Japan is gaming’s motherland. The origins of the great games we see today started from deep within the Land of the Rising Sun. Gaming legends, such as Nintendo’s very own Shigeru Miyamoto, appeared from nowhere to dominate and shape the gaming world with great franchises like Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Star Fox, Ice climbers, Wave Race, and well, basically every other first-party title ever created in the history of Nintendo. And while some hardcore gamers may disagree with this, the truth is that without Japanese developers (like Miyamoto) making our hobby what it is, our very own gaming community would be pretty dull. Mario, the mascot of gaming, and an inspiration to developers around the world, would not be here if it weren’t for Miyamoto. The Legend of Zelda franchise that every Nintendo fanboy has fallen in love with, would not be here without Miyamoto. But I’m not here praise all of Japan’s (or Miyamoto’s) accomplishments, I’m just here to show you some pictures of a Japanese gaming store.

Yes, pretty boring, I know. Especially after I just made Japan sound like the best thing since toilet paper. But I was just going with my parents to buy a microwave, and we stumbled upon this huge electronics store (which surprised me that there was one so big on the minuscule island of Okinawa, Japan.) But anyway, I am just going to share these with you, and this will probably lead to some good Japanese launch coverage of the next big games (Too bad I already missed smash bros!). Hopefully there is a good community here that will actually wait in line for hours and hours for a big game! Maybe I can interview some with my crappy Japanese skillz…

But anyways, enjoy!

(click picture to enlarge)


(mmmm Wiiiii)

(Mario Kart? Nice!)

Well, there you go. Nothing special, but watch out for whatever the next big launch is because My Wii News is going to try to give some Japanese launch coverage! Stay tuned.

Real Life Mario. Real Life Scary

authorBucky | March 19, 2008


This has got to be one of the creepiest things to have ever graced my laptop. Pixeloo over at Pixeloo created a Photoshop image of what Mario would look like in real life if he kept his, shall we say, disturbing proportions. Kind of the creepiest thing ever. Though there is a sort of sadness and knowing behind this freak of nature’s eyes that make me care for it, like a lost puppy. Head over to Pixeloo’s site for information on how he created the picture and a threat about giving the same treatment to Homer Simpson.

Ocarinas Out. Carrots In.

authorBucky | March 4, 2008

If only Link had known that all those carrots he fed Epona could be fashioned into an ocarina it would have saved him a whole lot of trouble. Unfortunately vegetable musician extraordinaire, Heita3, was not around to advise him at the time. But he is here now and he’s busting out the Song of Time from Ocarina of Time on a root vegetable. Very impressive Mr. Heita3, very impressive. There is plenty more musical roots and other types of vegetables at his youtube site if you’re so inclined. I think his next performance should be the Mario 2 theme on a radish.

[Via Destructoid]

The Chintendo Vii?

authorBucky | February 13, 2008

An interesting little blue box that someone paid a great deal of money to have imported so it could be reviewed. Interesting little bugger….

Eponas Song - A Self Duet

authorBucky | January 7, 2008

I have always wanted an Ocarina. This makes me want one even more.

Yes, I am a geek.

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