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Coming in 2011: Next-Gen Wii HD

authorMark | October 12, 2008

John Davidson over at broke the latest Wii rumor story last week: a Wii 2.0 HD console is in the works.

“High definition visuals are assured, as is a greater emphasis on digitally distributed and backwardly compatible content, indicating that the new system will feature some form of local storage medium such as a hard drive or large flash memory solution. It has also been indicated that Nintendo’s emphasis is again on what the consumer will hold in their hands and interact with, rather than the “console” itself.”

This ain’t no “pretty it up a little and they’ll buy it” approach, either. Nintendo is spending some serious money in research & development.

“Based on figures from Nintendo’s annual financial reports, the company is currently spending more than ten times as much on research and development as it was five years ago, and since the Wii was launched in 2006, R&D spending has more than tripled. While this could be attributed to any number of additional projects, the level of spending suggests that a large project is in the works. In 2003, Nintendo declared that $34 million was spent on R&D. This figure steadily climbed to $103 million in 2006 (the year that the Wii launched) and the following year bumped dramatically to $370 million.”

The 3 way dogfight with Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony will only continue to push R&D spending over the coming years. At this rate, our current consoles will be compared to Pong in 10-15 years…

Update- Project Origin is not coming to the Wii

authorLukatoll | June 28, 2008

Edit - Here’s a quick update for you guys… It looks like the rumor that Fear 2 was coming to the Wii was only a careless mistake by some editor at the Official E3 site. The title is only going to be appearing on the PC/PS3/360.

Also, according to Nintendo Fan Alliance there are more mistakes in the site, such as Animal Crossing and Kid Icarus being on the 360/PS3/PC. It looks like we’re not going to be able to play Fear on the Wii after all. :(

Hey, it was a good shot, right?  At least we get Kid Icarus and Animal Crossing all to ourselves.  Which is reason enough to rejoice.

Editor’s note: If you need your darker-themed Wii fix, it’ll come.  Patience, friends.


Ah, the face of fear. The sequel to the terrifying title known as Fear was unofficially announced today to be coming to the Wii on the official E3 site. According to the site the game, now called Project Origin, will be coming to the Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360. Whether this was just a careless mistake or the site editor did not know that the news wasn’t supposed to be out yet, it’s looking like Wii owners will be able to experience a true bone-chilling game like the rest of the gaming world. With the Wii’s outstanding success and the good sales numbers for mature horror titles such as Resident Evil 4, what kind of publisher wouldn’t want to bring it to Wii?

According to the E3 site, the name of the game is changed but the back story and the location it is set in has remained the same. Taking place right after the first game, paranormal events have spread and now are becoming a major threat to engulfing a major American city. The site says you can, “expect questions to be answered, bullets to be fired and time to be slowed when Project Origin [hits] this fall.”

The original Fear is said to be truly terrifying. In fact, a friend of mine played the first couple of levels and then put it away, never to play it again. Then again, he may have a low threshold for awesome.

If you’re a fan of the series and you own a Wii, be sure to keep your eyes on this game because it looks like it may be coming to the Wii. Discuss this game in our forums and keep checking back for more info.

Wii Fit? Bah! Here Comes Wii Strip!

authorBucky | April 24, 2008

Now, we’re talking right? :twisted:

I know that the guys and readers here at My Wii News already knew about the Wii Fit, its many fun factors, and of course, how it helps people stay in shape and all those things. But you know what’s better than any old Wii Fit? Something called Wii Strip, of course, and it’s coming to your favorite console unless the Peekaboo and Nintendo talks won’t materialize.

Well, I know you guys already know of Nintendo, but who exactly is this Peekaboo?

Nope, it’s not really some drunken Pokemon, Peekaboo is actually a company dedicated to making at-home dance poles for people aspiring to become strip dancers. And yes, they really do it with pride since Strippercising (an exercise involving strip dancing on a pole) is getting real popular for women wanting those extra fats burned from their bodies. If you don’t believe me, just search for “Strippercise” on Google; there’re even forums for this fast growing sport and I know you guys and girls out there will love it too… as spectators of course. :-P

Anyway, an on-going title would be Wii Peekaboo Pole Dancing and it has that cute ring to it because mainly of the pole creator’s name. It’s going to be widely accepted too, I bet, since even this article from The Independent shows expectations about the release. But for more news about this rumor, you can always check out Peekaboo’s website confirming the talks.

A question immediately comes to mind on whether these poles would be available for men-size too. Well, I’m not dreaming on swinging on some pole but some of you guys may be thinking of trying it out too. Besides, no one’s gonna know of you’re just swinging happily all by yourself in the safety of your own home, right?

Anyway, I just hope those poles are sturdy enough. I also hope some of you won’t let your grandparents near them. Believe me, that’s going to be one hell of a problem, and common sense will definitely tell you guys that I’m absolutely right. :-D

Rumor: ‘FFCC: My Life As A King’ to Launch With WiiWare

authorBucky | February 28, 2008


At the moment this is just a rumor since the official Square website for the game still says “Coming Soon” but The Wiire is reporting that Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King will be releasing on March 12. This means the game would be a launch game with the Wii’s new WiiWare service. Pretty exciting stuff seeing as the game is looking pretty good and I’ve been wanting to get my hands on it since I heard about. The game is reported to cost 1,500 Wii points, which isn’t to bad for a brand new FF game.

I’m kind of excited for the game but I’m even more excited for what WiiWare offers on the Wii. I’m looking forward to a ton of games coming out on it and believe that it is really going to help smaller publishers get games out.

Rumor: Brawl in Fall For Europe

authorBucky | February 26, 2008


Poor, poor, Europe. Gaming there on a Wii must just be an abject lesson in frustration. As the rest of the world (read: Japan and the U.S.) gets to play games on time, Europe is stuck waiting ridiculously long amounts of time to get their game on. Remember the latest Paper Mario? It came out about six months later in Europe then it did in the U.S. It doesn’t look like this pattern is changing either despite the fact that Europe is getting Wii Fit and Mario Kart before the U.S. How can I say this when I just listed two of the hottest Wii commodities as coming out in Europe first?

Because the hottest Wii commodity appears to have been delayed in Europe yet again. That’s right I’m talking about Brawl, and it not coming out till sometime this Fall in Europe. The game already had a rumored release date of June but now, thanks to a quote from Nintendo’s American president Reggie Fils-Aime, it look like a Fall release date is more likely.

In responding to a question during an interview with about why Wii Fit and Mario Kart were being released in Europe earlier, Fils-Aime responded with, “Yeah, but they don’t get Smash Brothers until fall.” Casual intonations of arrogance aside this is bad news for Wii and Brawl fans in Europe. I know it’s only one game, but it’s the game and even getting Mario Kart and Wii Fit early doesn’t make up for that much of a delay. Also, how will this effect online play? Will there be problems when the Europeans finally join in on the fun so far down the road?

As with any rumor, keep in mind this is a rumor. I’m going to say that again, this is a rumor. Rumor. Got it?

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