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Ode to Mario Kart Wii

authorMark | September 15, 2009

From our friends at Rock Paper Cynic:

Wiimotes + Blender = Funny

authorMark | October 29, 2008

Another funny Wii video to get you through the week. Blendtec Blenders will chew through just about anything, even wiimotes! WARNING - DO NOT DO TRY THIS AT HOME. Kids - repeat after me: I will NOT blend my wiimotes, I will NOT blend my wiimotes, I will NOT blend my wiimotes…

Some Wii Humor to Help Get You Through the Week…

authorMark | October 22, 2008

Just a quick post to share a couple of humorous Wii videos. Enjoy!

Lazy Man’s Wii

Real Life Mario Kart

These guys have waaaaay too much time on their hands…

My Wii News Triforce: What we want to see in the next Zelda game

authorLukatoll | July 25, 2008

I think that it’s safe to say, for the majority of Nintendo fanboys (like myself), The Legend of Zelda is their favorite Nintendo franchise. We love this series so much because it hasn’t been “just another game,” but rather a ground-breaking franchise that has shaped the world of gaming itself. Designed and developed by Shigeru Miyamoto and the team at Nintendo, the Zelda series takes gamers into the land of Hyrule where you are given the task to save Princess Zelda and your beloved homeland from the evil ruler known as Ganon. With the Triforce power of courage by your side, you make your way through epic dungeons ranging from gloomy forests, to the heart of a volcano, and even the depths of the sea. The formula is perfect and the story is inspiring so the game leaves us always longing for more.

How do you top perfection? That’s what we have been asking ourselves about this nearly perfect series we all know and love. Which is why we have a new segment for the site called My Wii News Triforce in dedication to this masterpiece of game that Miyamoto has created. Roughly each week, expect three of us to give you a little piece of our minds in a couple of short paragraphs, letting you guys know what we think about the games that we love and can’t wait to love. The answers vary depending on the topic, this one centering around the next Zelda title to grace the Wii.  Triforce, go!

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Third-Party Devs did not know about MotionPlus

authorLukatoll | July 23, 2008

Nintendo’s new peripheral, known as the MotionPlus, is the company’s newest idea that is sure to sell millions. The device snaps onto the back of the remote and enables the controller to make nearly perfect, 1:1 movement. The MotionPlus would work so well with a number of different games, but those hoping that those games would come soon are out of luck.

When will we see third-party Motion Plus games?

When will we see third-party Motion Plus games?

Game Informer magazine, after talking to many developers, have reported that third-party developers also didn’t know about the MotionPlus until we did. Was it a good or bad move by Nintendo?

The good part, nothing was leaked. Occasionally, developers will let something slip, by accident or on purpose. But it does happen at times and Nintendo likely wanted people to be taken by surprise (which we were).

The bad part, developers have had no time to work with games using the motion plus. It may be a while before we get the first quality title that uses the MotionPlus. Which brings up the question, When will we be seeing the first third-party MotionPlus game? Hit the jump for more.

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