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Throughout Opoona, your task is to lead the game’s eponymous hero throughout his quest to reunite with his family who were seriously injured and lampooned after crash landing on planet Landroll. Opoona and his family are Tizians (from the planet Tizia); a legendary people that have fought as Cosmo Guards and protected the universe for centuries. Instead of using traditional swords and staves, Opoona and his family use their ever-present (and bouncy) Energy BonBons to help cast spells and deal damage to enemy Rogues throughout the universe. After awaking from his slumber, Opoona is chosen by higher-ups on planet Landroll to become a ranger - a protector of the many domes, caverns, and pastoral areas that make up Planet Landroll - and such begins his tireless journey. Read the rest of this review.


In a market that is drowning in casual titles, Wii owners have little to enjoy when it comes to an authentic and enriching game experience. This, of course, has seemed to be the trend since the Gamecube’s conception, and fans of Nintendo have come to realize that as long as they want to continue seeing their favorite avatars — Mario, Samus, Link, etc. — they will have to wade through the rest of the sub-standard games that third-party developers port to Nintendo consoles. But that’s all changed thanks to the gang at Ubisoft and Suda 51. Their newest brainchild is No More Heroes for the Wii. The gritty tongue-and-cheek title follows the life of Travis Touchdown as he works at attaining the number one spot as the top assassin in the west coast fictional city of Santa Destroy. Read the rest of this review. Read another review of this game.


How do you improve on a game that many would argue was already near perfect? With more of course. Such is the case with Super Smash Brothers Brawl which is, I’m afraid to say, simply Super Smash Brothers Melee …times 1 million. Yes, it is basically the exact same game as the series’ previous iteration with just a whole lot more crammed into it. You can use the same controls, most of the characters are the same, and although it’s spruced up with fancy cut scenes and given a new name, even the Adventure mode is really the same as before. Yes, Super Smash Brothers Brawl is just Melee with more content, but I’m finding it incredibly hard to be upset by this. Turns out more of the same is exactly what many of us wanted. Read the rest of this review.

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