Guitar Hero Breaks $1 Billion, Digital Song Sales Through The Roof!

gh3.gifThe world’s most popular guitar simulation set a new personal record this weekend with sales reaching over $1 billion. The third installment of the ever-popular series faced stern competition from its own creators, who broke free and joined with MTV games to create December’s revolutionary Rock Band. The amount of competition in the market didn’t seem to faze the reigning kings, who according to the latest NPD group data, have officially taken the crown for top videogame software unit and dollar sales for 2007.

While the top honors and a billion dollars might be enough for most companies, both Neversoft/Red Octane (developers of Guitar Hero III) and MTV/Harmonix (Creators of Rock Band) have been pushing the envelope with their digital download services. So far Guitar Hero III has sold a whopping 5 million songs through its online purchasing service, while Rock Band has managed to entertain over 2.5 million with new content. Of course this episodic, pay-to-unlock content is not new to the current generation (as anyone who has bought a game on the Virtual Console would know), but the way in which these extra songs are flying off the digital shelves is phenomenal.

rb.gifAt the moment, MTV/Harmonix has still yet to officially announce a Wii version of Rock Band, leaving the owners of the best selling console of 2007 clamoring for the true group experience found on the PS2, PS3, and Xbox 360. Until that day comes, Guitar Hero will continue to rack up the sales and be the only way for Wii owners to get their shredding fix without plunking down tons of money for a waggle-less console. How many of you out there would like to grab a few friends and join in on the Rock Band fun?

EDIT: Rock Band for Wii has officially been announced! Take a peek at our article to find out the juicy details of EA’s surprise announcement that we’ve all bee waiting for.

[Via Reuters & Next-Gen]

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