Guitar Hero: World Tour Preview

Rock out with your sock out!

Rock out with your socks out!

I know many of you have already jumped on the RockBand wagon but ol’ Canucklehead here is sticking with Guitar Hero, mainly because I already own and that’s the way I roll. (read: cheap) Besides, it appears that with the newest incarnation coming out this fall, Guitar Hero will now have all the things that others told me made RockBand better - that being a drum and microphone. I think it goes without saying but just in case - all the instruments will in fact be wireless. I of course already own Guitar Hero for the Wii, but only ever had one guitar - as a result, I missed the true fun of playing with or against someone else. I mean, there was the day that Bucky handed my ass to me online - but really, that was not much fun at all. If only for the second guitar. I’ll probably pick this game up - once it no longer involves searching and hunting. (Finally got Wii Fit after searching for almost six hours last Sunday!)

The most interesting aspect of this new game will be that the musically inclined among you will in fact be able to create and share original music. Can you imagine a friend sending you a note like, “Hey man - check out this impossible song I just created!” I can already see the YouTube videos running through my head - that will be cool. Of course, I cannot read or play a note so I’m not going to be much help. While we still will NOT be able to download songs at this point Activision’s press release does promise “Delivering the largest on-disc set list in a music-rhythm game to-date, Guitar Hero World Tour is comprised entirely of master recordings from some of the greatest classic and modern rock bands of all-time including Van Halen, Linkin Park, The Eagles, Sublime and many more.” The final song list has not been confirmed at this time but speculation is rampant. A short time ago a full list came out which was dismissed as false by the game’s makers - a second and much smaller set list below has been released and confirmed by Activision of a taste of what we can expect - I’ve included it below. (The initial list appears to be a wishlist set up by fans and was actually really cool - you can see a copy HERE.)

There are alot more options and enhancements to the game which I’m sure will be seen by all the newer games going forward. Guitar Hero, and RockBand by association has not only revolutionized the gaming industry, but also the music industry. Anyway, I’m certain more information will be coming out shortly but I did want to draw your attention to one gameply mode that I think would be pretty awesome: Guitar Hero World Tour introduces Battle of the Bands mode which allows eight players to join online and challenge each other band-to-band to determine who is the best of the best! Now that my friends will be a hit at parties! Anyway, let’s get to the part you’ve all been waiting for - the setlist. Keep in mind that what appears below is only a partial list. I’ve already got my favorites picked out - what are yours and what songs are missing? Hit me in the comments section below. Keep on rockin’ and stay tuned to MyWiiNews for updates as they become available.

Guitar Hero: World Tour Set List

Airbourne: Too Much Too Young

Anouk: Good God

At the Drive-in: One Armed Scissor

Beastie Boys: No Sleep ’till Brooklyn

Beatsteaks: Hail to the Freaks

Billy Idol: Rebel Yell

Blink 182: Dammit

Blondie: One Way or Another

BLS: Stillborn

Bob Seger: Hollywood Nights

Bon Jovi: Livin’ on a prayer

BRMC: Weapon of Choice

CCR: Up Around The Bend

Coldplay: Shiver

Dino Jr: Feel the pain

(The) Doors: Love Me Two Times

(The) Eagles: Hotel California

(The) Enemy: Aggro

Fleetwood Mac: Go your own way

Foo Fighters: Everlong

(The) Guess Who: American Woman

Hush Puppies: You’re Gonna Say Yeah

Interpol: Obstacle1

Jimi Hendrix: Purple Haze Live

Jimi Hendrix: Wind Cries Mary

Kent: Vinternoll 2

Lenny Kravitz: Are You Gonna Go My Way

Linkin Park: What I’ve Done

Lost Prophets: Rooftops

Mars Volta: L’Via L’Viaquez

Metallica: Trapped under ice

Michael Jackson: Beat It

Modest Mouse: Float On

Negramaro: Nuvole

Nirvana: About a Girl

No Doubt: Spiderwebs

Oasis: Some Might Say

Ozzy Osbourne: Crazy Train

Ozzy Osbourne: Mr. Crowley

Paramore: Misery Business

Pat Benatar: Heartbreaker

Radio Futura: Escuela De Calor

Silversun Pickups: Lazy Eye

Stuck in the sound: Toy Boy

Sublime: Santeria

Survivor: Eye of the Tiger

System of a Down: BYOB

Tokio Hotel: Monsoon

Van Halen: Hot for Teacher

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