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Ever since the Wii was announced I’ve been dreaming of playing an arcade style shooter from my couch. The system was begging for a game where all you did was point and shoot. Of course it didn’t take developers long to get games out in this style. With games like Ghost Recon or RE: Umbrella Chronicles, the Wii has given us plenty of opportunities to shoot stuff on screen, and I thought I was set. I got my games, I got my Wii, and all I needed now was the classic arcade style gun. Imagine my disappointment when I first laid eyes on the Wii Zapper, Nintendo’s official Wii shooting peripheral.
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The Wii balance board requires batteries, just like any other game controller, and you know how quickly your devices can suck those AAs dry! Well, now there’s a handy rechargeable solution for the balance board: the NYKO Energy Pak.

The Energy Pak is small and easy to use. The lithium-ion battery fits flush into the existing battery compartment in the board. It’s attached to the charger port, which nestles snugly into the contours of the bottom of the board, and does not interfere with gaming.

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  • By matt, August 21, 2008 @ 7:18 am

    the only reason why we are waiting so long for new exiting hardwares and that is because nintendo are waiting until the wii goes right downhill then they will release new things they could if they really wanted to release new stuff

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