History of Nintendo Gaming Via Commercials

Here’s a look back at the history of all of the Nintendo gaming devices through their commercials. It is truly amazing how far gaming has progressed over the last couple of decades. I can’t even imagine what our grandchildren will be playing…

1985 - Nintendo Entertainment System

Introduced in 1985, the NES was an instant hit. Over the course of the next two years, it almost single-handedly revitalized the video game industry. Selling over 60 million units, people brought games like Mario and Zelda into their homes for the first time on the NES.

1989 - Game Boy

The first Game Boy had a screen that was four colors of gray but the device defined portable gaming and was enormous fun. Game Boy, which came out in 1989, was bundled with the classic game Tetris and became an instant hit. The Game Boy has sold well over 150 million systems worldwide.

1991 - Super Nintendo Entertainment System

The SNES was released in 1991 and featured 16-bit technology. More processing power meant more entertaining games which helped the SNES sell more than 49 million systems worldwide.

1996 - Nintendo 64

The N64 set new standards in realistic 3D gaming when it came out in 1996. Super Mario 64 was the system’s premiere game and thrilled millions with its then state of the art graphics.

1996 - Game Boy Pocket

The Game Boy Pocket came out the same year the N64. Smaller than the original Game Boy, it came in a variety of colors.

2001 - Game Boy Advance

Featuring a larger screen and better graphics than previous versions of the Game Boy, the GBA would go on to sell tens of millions of units worldwide after its North American debut in 2001.

2001 - Nintendo GameCube

2001 also saw the release of the Nintendo GameCube which one-upped the graphics and gameplay of the N64. It was the first Nintendo system to use optical discs instead of cartridges for its games.

2003 - Game Boy Advance SP

Released in 2003, the Game Boy Advance SP had the same size screen as the Game Boy Advance, but the GBA SP was significantly smaller, lighter, and folded to become truly pocket portable. It also featured a rechargeable battery and backlit screen.

Here is also a nice overview of the entire gameboy line:

2004 - Nintendo DS

Featuring two screens, including a touch screen, a microphone, built-in Wi-Fi capability, and backward compatibility, the DS is an incredibly successful portable gaming device beating its rivals in the marketplace by a wide margin.

2006 - Nintendo DS Lite

The Nintendo DS is smaller, lighter, and has brighter screens than the previous model.

2006 - Nintendo Wii

In 2006, Nintendo introduced the Wii and with it several advanced, revolutionary features. Wireless motion-sensitive remote controllers, built-in Wi-Fi capability, and other features have made the Wii the best-selling console system in the world.

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