Last second guesses: Mike Suszek

Chris already wrote about the Wii MotionPlus.  So I don’t need to go there.  It is an exciting new perhipheral, and we’re sure to hear about a pack-in game made just for it.

But the biggest hype this year for Nintendo fans has been guessing what IPs will be resurrected.  Will it be Kirby?  A true Donkey Kong?  And ungodly wonderful Metroid game?  That rumored Kid Icarus game?

My guess - we’ll see at least one resurrected IP, and one brand new IP.  Nintendo busting out something new is… extreme, but likely.  Here are some possibilities:

Pikmin 3 - The obvious point-and-click mechanic would work well for a sequel.

Metroid Prime Hunters Wii - Both Echoes for Gamecube and the online multiplayer game for DS convinces me that Retro is okay with bringing the single player adventure series to the multiplayer gaming masses.  And Metroid Prime 3’s shooting mechanic demands that kind of online goodness.  Didn’t they guarantee we’d get online content anyways?

Kid Icarus - Well, his appearance in Brawl became a quick indicator to many that we would see a new game.  Sure, the same can be said of other Brawl characters (is there going to be a new R.O.B.?).  Would the game be good?  Yes, it would.

Star Fox - It comes out on every system.  It will come out for Wii.  Maybe not in this E3, but we could use another use for our Wii Wheels.

Mario - What?  What are you talking about, Mike?  We’ve already got 17,000 Mario games!  Why another?

Here’s why.  Have you ever heard of Super Mario Bros. 4?  Neither have I.  And with the massive success of New Super Mario Bros. on the DS, and the looming presence of Mega Man 9 on Wii Ware, Nintendo has a new avenue to stroll their best franchise down, and it would be memory lane.

This is what could happen.  What are my guesses?  We should see a new Zelda game.  We’re going to see more DS/Wii connectivity.  We’ll see a game specifically for the MotionPlus.  Perhaps a Mario Party 9, that uses practically every crazy perhipheral that attaches to the Wii Remote.

In terms of what is needed on the Wii, we need two things.  We need a true online multiplayer experience.  We need a Goldeneye for the Wii, a game that proves Nintendo is committed to the gamer.  And since they claim they are, we are sure to see an announcement that proves it.

We also need a good RPG.  So my top prediction is… a new Earthbound game.  Man, I hope I’m right.

Stick around for more E3 coverage, Nintendo is due up in about 10 minutes.  Wow, talk about last second guesses!

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