Meet the Canuck.

How are Wii all doing today. I’m actually one of the original authors here at My Wii News, second only to Bucky. It was only when I saw Mike’s intro that I figured it was high time that I get around to doing a proper one myself. I’ve been only a semi-regular contributor here, owing in part to my hectic schedule and part to the fact that a lot (read:all) of my counterparts here are a lot better then digging up and reporting news than I. I tend to stick with the odd, strange and downright unneccesary.

A little bit about myself:

I am a Canadian (hence the name) father of two who has a long history with video games. As a older fellow, I can remember playing Pong, Commodore 64 games and Atari 2600 over at friends’ houses as a kid. My first system was the dreaded CollecoVision, followed by the IntelliVision, Nintendo NES, then the SNES - Playstation and now a Wii. I was actually a champion Pitfall player for a time and have the badges and trophies to prove it. On an only somewhat related note, I was also invited to the qualifier for Golden Tee (the golf game you see at bars) and only barely missed playing for the Canadian National team. (This was years ago.) I work full-time and split whatever time is left over between playing with my boys, attending university part-time evenings, drinking beer, playing Wii and working on my own site:

Having now finished Zelda long ago (the reason I got the Wii) I recently have been mostly playing Guitar Hero (topped out at medium), Lego Star Wars (losing interest fast) and Mario Kart (great game!), although I suspect a few sports game and in my future. The whole family plays and we really are a Wii family now. Look for more of my now famous collections in the future and feel free to send me any suggestions. I’m out for now - happy playing.



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