Move Over Networks… Here Comes Wii TV

The convergence of TV/computer/game console continues… Starting this Spring in Japan and then most likely reaching the rest of Wii owners by the end of 2009, Nintendo will be rolling out the Wii television channel, called “Wiinoma,” and begin a run at global living-room supremacy. Anyone with at Wii and an internet connection will be able to view Wiinoma, which will deliver Nintendo-produced, family-oriented fare such as cartoons, cooking, lifestyle and educational programming. Most of the content will initially be free, but Nintendo could easily make special pay-per-view programs, payable through the Wii point system.

I’ll be anxious to try out Wiinoma. The big question is - will people make the shift and start watching TV through the Wii? It has been reported that Japan TV execs are worried about the Wii potentially becoming the center of the living room, but the quality (and cost) of the initial programming will play a major part in influencing behavior change. Nintendo will only have one chance to get this right.

For additional details, click here.

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  • By SuperMario290, January 19, 2009 @ 6:55 pm

    That’s freaking awesome! I can’t wait until the Wii TV comes out, although the Wii is already the center of my living room. :D

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