New Release for The Legend of Zelda in 2009?

Last week, a post on started a buzz across the net about a possible new The Legend of Zelda release sometime next year. In an interview with Lazard Capital Markets’ Colin Sebastian, he states that new releases will help push modest industry growth next year, and one could possibly be the next installment of The Legend of Zelda. Although he admits it is pure speculation at this point, the timing makes sense and would give Nintendo a huuuuuuge boost in game sales in a difficult economic year.

“With this year’s release of Wii installments for Super Smash Bros., Animal Crossing, and Mario Kart, there are few cherished Nintendo series in need of a new-generation debut. That means it’s about time for the publisher to start a second lap of its greatest hits, and if one industry analyst’s prognostication is accurate, leading off that lap could be a second installment of The Legend of Zelda.”

Here’s the link to the full story

Santa, if I promise to start being good now, can you put me on the preorder list? ;-)

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