Nintendo DS Moves Into The Kitchen

In an effort to expand their audience beyond the everyday gamer, Nintendo has released a new software title for Nintendo DS that turns the video game system into an interactive cooking coach, complete with recipes and video demos. Personal Trainer: Cooking for Nintendo DS contains more than 240 dishes (hopefully, this number will grown substantially over time) from dozens of countries around the world. The DS Chef, a friendly electronic cooking instructor, walks users through each step to make sure every dish comes out perfect and delicious. With a tap of the screen, users can even scale the quantity of their recipes based on the number of guests they expect. Not only could this be a fun method to learn to cook, this could also be a cool, innovative way to introduce kids to the art of preparing a meal. Could this be the of the future?

Personal Trainer: Cooking even includes videos of various cooking techniques, such as how to julienne vegetables. The touch screen interface helps aspiring chefs check ingredients on an electronic shopping list. It also lets them search recipes based on ingredients, number of calories or cooking time. When a user’s hands are too involved in the process of cooking to use the touch screen, the voice-recognition feature can be used: Just tell the DS Chef to move on to the next step or repeat the last one.   

Personal Trainer: Cooking is the first in a new line of planned Personal Trainer titles from Nintendo that target non-traditional gaming audiences who will learn new skills in fun and interesting ways. For more info:



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