Real Time Cheats Without Leaving the Console

Mike Smith over at Yahoo Games recently reported that Nintendo has filed for a patent that “hinges on making demonstration videos available to players while they’re playing the game, either as a thumbnail view or a full-screen animation. Players could interrupt the demonstration at any point, taking control back to continue playing without assistance. Think of it as a tutorial guide that lasts throughout the entire game.”

Wow. Real time cheat support without needing to leave the game. Gaming purists may argue this takes away the challenge of it all, but I think most gamers would be thrilled with a clue now and then.

Smith also reports that the patent application “also proposes to let players start playing at any point during a game — a feature that’s in many games already, but typically only unlocked once a player has already completed those levels. Just like skimming a newspaper article for the juicy bits, this would allow players to tackle games, in their entirety, at their own whim.”

Read the full article here.

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