Sonic and the Black Night? New Wii Exclusive Revealed

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With Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games selling extremely well on both Wii and DS, it looks like Sega is now kicking into high-gear with these sonic games. Two titles (Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Chronicles) have already been announced by Sega and now the latest issue of Nintendo Power has revealed a brand new Wii-exclusive game, apparently called Sonic and the Black Night.

There are no details on the game other then this magazine cover that says, “The Blue Blur swings cold steel in his big new Wii-exclusive adventure”. So yes, sword play is confirmed. But how will it work? Will it be a fast-paced, side-scrolling game where we frantically waggle the Wii-mote in attempt to kill enemies that we end up flying past? Or will it be a slower-paced, 3-D Sonic game that uses the Motion Plus and is basically Dragon Quest Swords except in third-person and faster. Who knows?

I’ll need to see some real footage to base my opinions off of, but for now, It sounds interesting to say the least. We’ll keep an eye out for this game, but in the mean time discuss it in our forums and keep checking back to My Wii News for more Wii info.

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