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The Conduit- New E3 Developer Walkthrough Video

authorLukatoll | July 16, 2008

With the Nintendo Press Conference over and the majority of news being out, it’s safe to say that the conference was a bit of a let down. In some of our past predictions, we thought Nintendo would let us in on some ground breaking news. Such as a storage solution or a new Zelda game… we were wrong (for now, just you wait). But on the bright side, we have gotten some new footage of the intense sci-fi FPS known as The Conduit… Hit the jump for the video.

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Why Nintendo will win the E3 War

authorLukatoll | July 2, 2008

While some may oppose, I would say that last year’s E3 press conference was an epic failure on Nintendo’s part. Although they had some exciting news such as the revelation of Mario Kart Wii and the announcement of 32 player online for Medal of Honor: Heroes 2, the majority of the conference was spent talking about the Wii’s success and how great Wii fit was. Forget about last year.  Lets talk about how awesome this year’s press conference will be. I would go as far to say that Nintendo will steal the show this year.

This last week has shown some surprises already for the Wii. And while we’ve had our fair share of guesses, at E3 we can expect more surprising announcements. Pikmin 3? Perhaps. A storage solution? Most definitely. A Zelda trailer? Highly probable.

It may sound, stumbling, but let me explain. This article from PureNintendo, which shows when all the 3D Zelda games were announced and released, crossed my path. A good read, but here’s a summary:

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Announced- December 1995
Released- November 1998

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

Announced- June 1999
Released- October 2000

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Announced- August 2001
Released- March 2003

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Announced- May 2004
Released- November 2006

Now according to the article, every 3D Zelda game was announced one year after its predecessor. Plus, this is the longest time we have waited for Nintendo to announce a Zelda game on a console in over 13 years!

We are overdue. Nintendo will announce a Zelda game at E3 and it will be the most exciting announcement of all three of the console company E3 shows.

If that is not enough for Nintendo to win (which, it is) we can hope for an announcement or an indication of voice chat for the Wii. The DS has it, why not the Wii?

That’s been the question of all online Wii gamers, and Reggie has also been hinting at it for a while. He has noted that he “wouldn’t be surprised” if voice chat made its way onto the Wii. Can we consider that straight confirmation for an announcement?

One last reason why Nintendo will win is the innovation. Nintendo has done some amazing stuff, but nothing to truly show off what the Wii Remote can do (not like Johnny Lee has). Nintendo wants to prove that the Wii Remote is the best controller available, and they are definitely coming up with a game that will show it off. Maybe we’ll see a brand new IP? Or we’ll see them take another existing IP and make a great game perfect for the Remote.  And seeing their repitoire of past titles, that would be just fine with me.

Nintendo will do all they can to “win” E3 this year. And while it isn’t a competition per se, we know that it is close, and we can expect some major announcements.

What do you guys think? Will Nintendo win E3 this year? You have less than two weeks; give us your input in our forums on what will make this year a great year for Nintendo at E3.

Nintendo looking for USB software/hardware tester

authorLukatoll | June 8, 2008

Back on the Nintendo Official homepage, it looks like the Big N is finally looking into that storage problem of theirs. Today they posted a job listing that is looking for a software/hardware tester. But the emphasis is on the ability to be able to “create and execute a test plan for Wii USB devices.” If the purpose of this job is to test a new USB hard drive for the Wii, then we can definitely expect to see a hard drive at E3. With E3 being a couple of weeks away, Reggie hinting at a storage solution for quite some time, and now Nintendo hiring a Wii USB devices tester, It really does seem like Nintendo is making sure that their hard drive is ready to show at E3 2008. My Wii News will keep you updated with this story.

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