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“Wee 1st” - a new Wii exclusive brand by Activision

authorLukatoll | July 9, 2008

The Wii has seen its fair share of shovelware.  And frankly, the lackluster titles will never stop coming. Nintendo has really hit the casual crowd right over the head with the Wii and developers are taking advantage of that. The new All-Play brand that was recently announced by EA takes sports games and aims them at “players of all skill levels.” You know who they mean by that.
Now, this isn’t bad news. A casual game isn’t always going to be bad. Look at games like Wario Ware, a game that mixes the likes of both the hardcore and casual crowd. But more often, hardcore games are what, logically, hardcore gamers want.

Enough of this, let’s get to the real news, shall we?

Recently Activision announced they will be coming out with a new Wii exclusive brand much like EA’s All-Play brand. The brand, named ‘Wee 1st’ will be attempting to cater to the casual market with Wii-specific game designs. Dave Oxford of Activision Publishing notes:

“The Wii is introducing new audiences to gaming. Clearly, the Wii’s accessible controls are changing how the audience plays games and how we look at game design. This initiative is designed to showcase games that take full advantage of the Wii’s capabilities.”

To me, it sounds like Activision is just trying to get a slice of that delicious, Nintendo money-pie that Nintendo has cleverly baked. But who knows, maybe they’re trying to go above and beyond with the Wii and its games. Let’s just hope that these games are good. Below is a list of the upcoming games that will feature the ‘Wee 1st’ branding.

-Little League World Series 2008

-Rapala Fishing Frenzy

-Dancing with the Stars: Get Your Dance On

More games are set to be announced which will arrive in-time for the Holiday season.

What do you think about the Wii and its casual games “crisis?” Discuss it in our forums.

Best Buy Will Hold Wii for Women Event

authorBucky | March 28, 2008


Ladies your time has finally come. Finally a retail store has recognized that you need an entirely separate gaming event from us male gamers. Best Buy is having a Wii for Women event this Sunday, March 30, for all you lovely lady gamers out there. Any woman who wants to head over to select Best Buys across the U.S. can play the Wii from 1-4 p.m. with other like minded ladies of gaming. Not only that but any Wii waggling woman who shows up will have the chance to win spa coupons, a GPS system or a brand new Wii. You don’t even have to be good at playing games because the prizes are being doled out via drawing.

Why just for women when the prizes seem fairly geared to both sexes? Who knows. I will note though that the small text below the pretty image on Best Buys website says nothing about men not being allowed to play. Spa treatment here I come. Click the link above to get a list of Best Buys that are participating in the event.

Gaming Stereotypes

authorBucky | January 14, 2008

You are a geekThese days everyone plays games. It’s been over a year the Wii has been out and people still are getting in line for it. It’s funny how time has a habit of changing things, I remember back in my middle school days, my daily hobby of playing video games was to be kept a secret from my peers, just for the sake of my dignity. Whenever I would mention any thing relevant to gaming, Super Nintendo, GameBoy, etc, I would just be setting myself up for the “cool kids” to just pick on me. But now, it’s the talk of the town. People spend thousands of dollars (Ebay) on these systems, and I used to be terrorized for just playing them? Ironic isn’t it? Of course there is still a kind of stereotype going on nowadays, people think video games are a waste of time and are just brain washing kids to become super mass murders that will eventually take over the world… right. I’m 23 years old, and whenever a relative comes from out of town and watches me play Mario Galaxy or Halo, they ask me, “You still play this?”, “I thought you would’ve grown up by now?”, “This is kids stuff”. I’ve been getting these lovely remarks ever since I had a Super Nintendo, and, when I was younger, I would feel ashamed and turn off whatever I was playing. But now, whenever they present their unwanted opinion or question, I just smile and continue playing. Why, cause I enjoy it. Just as all we gamers do, we play for the fun of the game, not for the sake of anyone else (Unless you’re a game tester).Of course, some of the old fashion stereo type still exists. The, “Oh my god, you play video games? You’re such a loser!”- Apparently they don’t see anything “loser-ish” in the way their talking! I actually had a debate with one of my female friends. I mentioned to her how I bought an Xbox 360 for $400 and she’s responds with the, “What a waste of money!” and I responded on how she doesn’t find buying a $500 Coach purse a waste of money. So we “debated” about how much useful an Xbox 360 is compared to a Coach purse. Yes, she is stupid and no, she’s not hot.

Now this is where the Wii does wonders. People love it, it’s simple, it’s new, and it’s fun. I wouldn’t go off to call these people the casual gamer, the Madden and Need for Speed people, I would label them as, non- gamers. Though I see more and more people interested in Wii sports! Now as a hardcore gamer, I see that as a game just to show was the Wii is capable of, not as a REAL game. But, the non-gamers are buying into it! I mean c’mon, how long can someone play Wii sports for!? The Wii is more about Mario Galaxy, Zelda: TP, and Metroid Prime 3!

These non-gamers also have the typical image of a hardcore gamer: overweight, hairy, breath loud, talk from their nose, and have glasses as thick as professor Fonzworth (Futurama). I remember when I went to go reserve the Wii, it was a Friday because that’s when my local Gamestop started taking reservations. I didn’t have class that day and I called in sick for work so I could be there on time to get the system. In order to get there on time and not to be last in line, I had to get up early, which is something uncommon for me. (Sleeping in FTW!) When my mom heard that I was up, she came out and asked me what are you doing up so early? And I told her that I’m going to go reserve the new Nintendo system and the expression on her face clearly said , “Dumb ass.” Nonetheless, I got to Gamestop and I saw a small line of about 7-8 people. I got in line and sat down, there was still a good hour an half left for the store to open, but it went by so fast, because I found it so easy to relate with those people. There was a fair share of weird people but nothing extreme.

Either way you look at it, almost every new culture has it’s stereotype, we might not find them appealing as others would, just as they wouldn’t find gaming appealing as gamers would. So, am I a loser for playing games? Nope, but people can think whatever they want, but unlike them, I’m not waiting in line for a Wii.

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