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Nintendo Sets DSi Launch Date for United States

authorMark | February 19, 2009

Nintendo announced this week that their much anticipated DSi launches in the United States on April 5th with a sticker price of $169.99. Initially, there will only be two colors available at launch - Blue and Black.

Features that come built into the system include two cameras (one on the external body and the second pointing at the user when the DSi is opened) Nintendo DSi Sound and Nintendo DSi Shop. The DSi Sound feature serves as both an interactive voice recorder and music player that allows users to play with their music while they listen to it. Users can access different audio filters or control the pitch and speed of recorded voice or music files to alter voices or change the tempo of a song. The microphone is located between the two screens when the device is flipped open, and there is also a stereo headphone output that lets users listen to music saved on an SD card, even with the screen shut.

Direct game downloads will also be a big part of the DSi’s future. Nintendo is spending a great deal of time, money and effort on their direct download approach. The Nintendo DSiWare application will allow users to load Nintendo DSi with games using Nintendo DSi Points directly to the portable system, just as WiiWare has with Nintendo’s Wii console. Look for their direct download library to grow rapidly.

Nintendo will also be rolling out Rhythm Heaven for the DS and DSi on the same day. While we at MWN haven’t seen it yet, the game has sold more than 1.6 million copies since its July 2008 launch in Japan. It is a touch screen “tap and slide” game where you  hold the Nintendo DS system sideways like a book and tap their stylus on the touch screen to the rhythm of the music.

Club Nintendo of America Launches

authorMark | December 22, 2008

Last week the highly anticipated Club Nintendo of America officially launched. Nintendo gamers can sign up by visiting After joining, members can register select Nintendo hardware and Nintendo-published games in exchange for Nintendo Coins, which can then be redeemed for limited-edition Nintendo rewards available only to Club Nintendo members.  Some of the exclusive rewards include the Game & Watch™ Collection for the Nintendo DS™ and a set of traditional Hanafuda cards printed with Nintendo characters. Members must earn coins by registering their games and completing a corresponding survey. The amount of coins earned by games varies by game type: Wii (50 coins), DS (30 coins), WiiWare (10 coins), and Virtual Console (10 coins). In addition, the Wii Fit can be registered and earn members 80 coins.

There are also three ways to increase the Club Nintendo coin total. First, members can let Nintendo know of their “intention to buy” a particular game. After buying the game and completing a survey, members will earn ten extra coins. Next, an additional ten coins can be earned by purchasing a game and completing a survey within the first four weeks of its launch…a little Nintendo incentive to buy early and buy often ;-). Finally, members can earn an another ten coins by participating in a “post play survey” that is available shortly after the game launches.

Nintendo has stated that games released during December 2008 or later can be registered, but you can only register select titles that were released prior to December. Unredeemed coins expire two years from issue if unused. Reports from early participants say that the system is slow due to high traffic and a few bugs have been identified, so you may want to wait a few days before trying to register.

James Bond Quantum of Solace Launch Trailer

authorMark | October 13, 2008

Here’s the latest James Bond: Quantum of Solace trailer which
Activision/Blizzard released today. Available in the U.S. for the
Wii on November 4th. Looks pretty cool!

WiiWare Roundup

authorBucky | March 12, 2008

As the release of games on WiiWare gets closer and closer, more and more exciting news starts to flood out about the games that are being released. It’s quite a good bit of information and it’s scattered all over the place, so MyWiiNews is going to run down a few of the new major details coming out right now including the most important so far: online Tetris.

Let’s start with the launch games. While we don’t have any word on what games will be released in the U.S. when WiiWare launches on May 12, we do know what games will be available in Japan where it launches in about two weeks on March 28. They are as follows:

Okiraku Ping-Pong Wii (Arc System Works, 500 points)

Word Puzzle Mojipittan Wii (Bandai Namco, 1000 points)

Sakusaku Animal Panic (Konami, 1000 points)

Star Soldier R (Hudson, 800 points)

My Life As A King: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (Square Enix, 1500 points)

Angel’s Solitaire (G-Mode, 500 points)

Dr. Mario & Bacillus Extermination (Nintendo, 1000 points)

Everybody’s Pokemon Ranch (Nintendo, 1000 points)

Lonpos (Genki, 1000 points)

We can speculate that My Life As A King will be there at the U.S. launch since its release has already been rumored pretty heavily, and Dr. Mario is also a very strong lock along with Star Soldier R. I’d also put money on Everybody’s Pokemon Ranch coming out near launch, if not on it, since Pokemon sell like wild fire and the game appears to fit right into what Nintendo is aiming for WiiWare. It looks like we’ve got plenty of quick and great gaming coming our way once WiiWare launches.

bubble-wrapp1.jpgOf course not every game is going to be a launch title, and there’s plenty coming out for WiiWare after the launch too. We’ve already told you about Defend Your Castle, LostWinds and Project Bang but there are plenty more like Eternity’s Child and World of Goo; both of which look absolutely gorgeous and incredibly creative. The list of games coming to WiiWare is growing daily, including a game where you pop bubble wrap. WiiWare is going to be the place for games that you won’t find anywhere else, though I don’t know if popping virtual bubble wrap will be as much fun as the real thing.

Now for the really big news: Tetris will be landing on the WiiWare service some time this summer! Sure, there have been hundreds of versions of Tetris pumped out over the years by a myriad of different companies, and  you can already play the decidedly addicting Tetris DS online with friends, but Tetris on WiiWare has two main things going for it. One is that it will have point and click controls that could make moving those blocks around the screen far more interactive (though let’s hope you can still play it with the D-pad too), and two it is being designed by Hudson, the same people who brought us the insanely addictive Bomberman Live on XBox Live. Hudson has a proven track record of making simple, fun, online gaming that anyone can play, so Tetris looks to be awesome. It’s kind of hard to mess up Tetris anyway, and really, what Nintendo system is complete without a Tetris game on it?


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