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My Wii News Triforce: What we want to see in the next Zelda game

authorLukatoll | July 25, 2008

I think that it’s safe to say, for the majority of Nintendo fanboys (like myself), The Legend of Zelda is their favorite Nintendo franchise. We love this series so much because it hasn’t been “just another game,” but rather a ground-breaking franchise that has shaped the world of gaming itself. Designed and developed by Shigeru Miyamoto and the team at Nintendo, the Zelda series takes gamers into the land of Hyrule where you are given the task to save Princess Zelda and your beloved homeland from the evil ruler known as Ganon. With the Triforce power of courage by your side, you make your way through epic dungeons ranging from gloomy forests, to the heart of a volcano, and even the depths of the sea. The formula is perfect and the story is inspiring so the game leaves us always longing for more.

How do you top perfection? That’s what we have been asking ourselves about this nearly perfect series we all know and love. Which is why we have a new segment for the site called My Wii News Triforce in dedication to this masterpiece of game that Miyamoto has created. Roughly each week, expect three of us to give you a little piece of our minds in a couple of short paragraphs, letting you guys know what we think about the games that we love and can’t wait to love. The answers vary depending on the topic, this one centering around the next Zelda title to grace the Wii.  Triforce, go!

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The Conduits Online Mode: What It Needs to Succeed

authorLukatoll | June 3, 2008

A while back, High Voltage Software released the first trailer of the Conduit. With stunning graphics and action-packed gameplay, the game did, and still does, look like it’s going to live up to the hype. The Wii-specific first-person shooter is taking some risks. Sales for these “hardcore” games aren’t too appealing, which is why most developers aren’t attempting to make games that will really impress the hardcore gaming crowd. But High Voltage is trying to tap into that stubborn, brainwashed, Wii Play buying crowd know as the casuals. If High Voltage succeeds then they will be rewarded with a lot of cash (which they deserve) and more developers will start making better games now that High Voltage proved that there is a market out there for these types of games. But if they fail… well, I’d rather not talk about it.

Not to worry though, High Voltage will make this game right, if they don’t miss a few critical components to the game. One of those components being their online mode. Now, High Voltage teased us about this mode in the trailer. At the very end of the trailer, a man with a deep voice says, “Mr. Ford, deathmatch has been authorized.” Then whoever Mr. Ford is replies to that by saying, “about damn time.” High Voltage just recently confirmed the online deathmatch mode, but there are a few key factors that really make online multiplayer fun and not repetitive. This is where we come in, My Wii News is now going to discuss what the Conduit needs to do in order to have a successful, and more importantly, fun, Online Mode.

Lets get right into shall we?
First off, we will name the things that Conduit needs to be successful online but Nintendo probably won’t allow it. Voice chat, some people may disagree but the majority of online players these days love to have voice chat. Without it, you might as well be playing a whole bunch of AI controlled computers because you basically sit there in silence as you get this feeling of emptiness. Voice chat could easily be implemented if Nintendo would announce a mic during E3. Chances are, Nintendo will add some type of voice chat feature at E3 because they have been hinting at one for a while, but if they don’t, shame on you Nintendo! Although, the online wouldn’t necessarily fail without voice chat, it would severely punish these players who are in need of help from teammates and do not have enough time to scroll through a list of automated messages. (Medal of Honor anyone?) High Voltage really needs to push Nintendo to allow them to use this feature.

Another thing they would need is some kind of downloadable content (DLC). Games, sadly, do not stay fun forever, after you play the same map over and over again, it begins to become quite stale. But this is where DLC comes in. Once you start getting bored of whatever game your playing, you tend to slowly slip away from it, destined to never return. But then those clever developers release a new map pack and your back on that game and thinking, “why did I think this was getting boring?!” This is what we need. We need that sense of renewal but without a hard drive it is impossible. Which is why we really need Nintendo to announce one at this years E3. We already discussed the possibilities of a hard drive in this article, but the way things are looking, it seems like this may be Nintendo’s year to announce a hard drive, or at least fix this memory issue. If Nintendo in fact does announce some type of HDD, it is very likely that not only will High Voltage will take advantage of this, but all of the developers who are actually trying to make a real game on the Wii instead of Dogz 2. (*cough* ubisoft *cough*)

(click to enlarge)

Okay, now for the things that High Voltage can take care of themselves. What they really need to implement is some kind of leveling up system. No ranks, no exp, and no challenges= No Fun. If your not working toward some type of goal, whether it is to unlock some new gun, or to finally reach that next rank, you are going to get bored really quickly. Games like Halo and Call of Duty 4 for example have ranks and exp. With these things, people are always trying to reach the next rank which is what keeps it fun. In Call of Duty, there are challenges that you can complete for new types of weapon attachments or camo. This keeps the online mode steady, fun, and rewarding. Without anything like this, The Conduits online mode will fail.

There are other small things that keep online modes fun. Leader boards are one of them. Leader boards are are a good way to keep track of you skill level and are fun to people who love to climb their way to the top of it. Leader board can keep people immersed in the game and will make a lot of players happy because they have an efficient way to see where they and their friends rank. A lot of different game modes is also a really nice thing to have, such as capture the flag and king of the hill. It helps put strategy into the modes instead of just racking up as much kills as possible.

A good thing that Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 left out was friends codes. Nobody has ever liked them and nobody will, a stupid decision by Nintendo. But EA found a way around this with their online system that allowed gamers to use their own gamertag of some sorts and made it alot easier for the players to find their friends and add them. If High Voltage could make a system kind of like this then that would be awesome.
A decent matchmaking system is crucial for online games. Everyone remembers Gears of War and the horrible host advantages. The host was able to kick any player, and the host always had a much better connection then the other players. The host had absolutely no lag which gave the host a huge advantage over any competitor he faced. The Conduit needs to follow a Halo or Call of Duty style matchmaking system. Even Epic Games has noticed this problem and has confirmed that Gears of War 2 will feature a Halo style matchmaking system.

Finally, High Voltage really needs to design good multiplayer maps with an array of different environments. Playing in the same type of environment over and over again gets boring. Every map will look and feel the same, people will get bored and they will stop playing. In Call of Duty 4, they have a good amount of different environments. Everything from desert, to woodland, the inside of buildings, and with the new DLC, a chinatown, a broadcast room, and even a assault training hangar. The maps don’t get boring, and most importantly, the game stays fun.

If High Voltage follows these guidelines and continue doing the great job that they are doing already, The Conduit will be an awesome game that all Wii owners must buy. Hopefully The Conduit will get it right, and if they do, you guys know that I’ll be standing in line on launch day.

Discuss this article below or take it to the forums, check out the trailer if you haven’t already, and keep checking back to My Wii News for more Wii and Conduit info!

First Look at The Conduit in Motion

authorLukatoll | May 16, 2008

A couple of weeks back, we were shown a number of screens showing off the visuals of a new Wii exclusive FPS. That FPS was The Conduit and it caused quite a stir on the ‘net with its visuals that look absolutely stunning on the Wii. Then we were shown a tech demo of High Voltage’s Quantum3 Engine which had people even more surprised at how good it was looking. But many remained skeptical about The Conduit because often times games look a lot better in screens then they do in motion. But now My Wii News is bringing you a trailer of The Conduit to shut those skeptical guys up and prove once and for all that if a third-party developer actually tries, they can make a top quality title on the Wii.

The trailer shows off some footage of the games first person action and pace as the main character uses a couple of different guns including the SCAR rifle and an awesome looking pistol. Throughout the trailer you will feel like the game has a hint of mystery similar to Bioshock, with the narrator speaking in the beginning and the indoor environments and gameplay seeming like they came from Bioshock as well. The game seems to be taking great shape and it’s definitely a game that all Wii owners should be following.

Check out the Trailer and if your interested in the game leave a comment below. Keep checking back to My Wii News for more Conduit and Wii info.

Gyrostarr Preview and Trailer

authorLukatoll | April 23, 2008

High Voltage Software, the developers of the anticipated FP, The Conduit, are now Introducing a new WiiWare project that is set to break graphical gound on Nintendo’s Download service. Last week we saw a demo of High Voltage’s new 3D engine designed specifically for the Wii. The new engine shows off what the Wii can do graphically and it looks just as good, if not better, then Nintendo’s first-party games. High Voltage Software is attempting to capitalize on the Wii’s strength and create content-filled software for the Wii’s “hardcore” gaming crowd.

Gyrostarr is a four player “sci-fi” shooter that was designed from the ground up for Nintendo’s WiiWare service. The game is definitely the best looking WiiWare game so far and is even looks better then many Wii retail games. Whoa!

According to High Voltage, “Gyrostarr challenges you and up to 3 other players to fly through a twisting, turning techno-plasma canal in space, collecting energy to penetrate an alien portal and warp to the next conduit. Without enough energy the space vessels will smash head-first into an unforgiving anti-void.” High Voltage also stated that each track is guarded by enemies who try to kill you and feast on your collectible energy. Gyrostarr will also feature a number of power ups, some of which include a triple shot, telsa shot, lightning shot, and charged shot. Amazingly, Gyrostarr will include up to 50 different levels in a file size that is less then 40 megabytes.

Gryostarr will run in both 480p and 16:9 wide screen mode and will be available on WiiWare for a mere price of 700 Wii points. Check out the trailer below and keep checking back to My Wii News for more of the latest Wii Info!

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