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Incredible Nintendo Wii Deal @ Walmart

authorMark | December 3, 2009

Walmart has just announced that beginning this Saturday, December 5th at 8 AM, they will be giving customers a $50 gift card with every Nintendo Wii purchase, bringing the net price of the console down to just $149.99 — and that is by far the absolute best deal on for the Wii we’ve seen so far this holiday season.

The promotional offer lasts until December 12, or while supplies last. Our guess is that the “while supplies last”  part will end the promotion well before the 12th. We’d recommend getting their bright and early Saturday if you wanted to take advantage of the offer. No word yet on whether they will make this offer available online as well.

Nintendo Wii for $179.99 w/ Free Shipping at Dell

authorMark | November 12, 2009

Our friends at Black Friday Ads just announced that Dell has the Nintendo Wii for $179.99 with free shipping, $20 below retail for the Wii. Retailers are not allowed to advertise the Wii for under MSRP, so you need to add the Wii to your shopping cart to see the discounted price. This deal probably won’t be around long, so act quickly if a Wii is on your holiday shopping list.

ANY discount off the already reduced Wii will be a good deal this holiday season and the Dell deal is particularly attractive if you only want the console. The prediction is that you may find some deals on Wii bundles, but the gaming console alone won’t be discounted at major retailers.

Tiger Woods Defeats Jimmy Fallon in One Hole Playoff

authorMark | June 27, 2009

EA Games has just released Tiger Woods 10 for the Nintendo Wii and Tiger was back on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon for a next-day rematch on the 11th hole at U.S. Open course Bethpage Black. The previous day, Fallon beat Woods by 1 stroke in the middle of Times Square. The golf ain’t pretty, but the game looks pretty cool. Here’s a clip of the showdown:

Bowling Ball for Your Wii

authorMark | June 25, 2009

Time to buy stock in TV manufacturers. CTA Digital, a game and technology accessories company, is rolling out (pun intended) a Nintendo Wii bowling ball. Insert your Nintendo Wii remote in the center of the ball, stick your fingers in and let ‘er rip. Despite the warning on their website ” make sure to wear the wrist strap securely around your wrist, lock the strap to tighten the hold, preventing the ball from accidently flying out of your hand…” I forsee scores of “Wii Bowling Ball Meets TV” YouTube videos of in the making.

Online Details for Mario Kart Wii

authorLukatoll | March 7, 2008

Nintendo’s Mario Kart series is known for its action packed gameplay and awesome split-screen multiplayer. While Mario Kart DS made a decent online debut, Mario Kart Wii will be the first game in the series that includes online on a home console. So far, it seems like Nintendo is really pushing Mario Kart’s online potential!

Nintendo previously announced that Mario Kart Wii will use a “Mario Kart Channel” which will be accessible even while Mario Kart is not in the Disk Drive. You will be able to use this channel to view and download ghost data from any Mario Kart Player around the world.

The Channel also let’s you register your friends, and although they are still using friend codes, you will be able see your friends online status! This is a huge step for Nintendo’s rather protective online program.

The Channel even allows you to view the current rankings and competition around the world. Competitions are challenges that Nintendo will invite people to on a regular basis, similar to the challenges featured on Mario Kart DS.

Although voice chat would be nice and we could do without the friend-codes, it looks like Nintendo’s online interface is looking up!

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