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Wii Surpasses the Xbox 360, Becoming the New Console Leader

authorLukatoll | July 18, 2008

"Go PawPaw, Go!"

It’s a proud day for Wii owners around the globe. According to the latest NPD sales figures, Nintendo’s critically acclaimed Wii has surpassed Microsoft’s Xbox 360 in sales. Of course, the amazing thing about this is the 360 had a one year head start over the Wii, but nothing can stop the Wii’s popularity. Soccer moms and six year olds scoop the gaming system up like they’re hot cakes. This didn’t come as a suprise, many people along with reggie, predicted that the Wii would pass the 360 in sales very soon. Hit the jump for some sales figures.

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Will Wii Still Dominate in 2008?

authorBucky | April 4, 2008

Analysts are funny things. They’re kind of like modern day soothe sayers, predicting what will happen, but instead of determining loves fate they deal with the all-important dollar. The latest prediction from a top analyst in the gaming industry is from Daniel Ernst of Hudson Square Research who believes that the Wii will remain on top for 2008 as well (hooray!). He points out the fact that, unlike the 360 and PS3, the Wii still has a surprisingly large amount of momentum behind it. Ernst gives Hudson Square’s prediction of sales for each console based off sales figures for fiscal year 2008. The company believes that Nintendo is on track to sell 23 million Wiis, while Microsoft will only sell 11.2 million Xbox 360s. Coming in last will be Sony with somewhere around 12.5 million PS3s sold. According to them, the Wii won’t only come in first, but will outsell both the PS3 and 360 combined!

“Microsoft got the jump on the industry with a one-year headstart, but nine months after its the launch, the Nintendo Wii overtook the Xbox 360 on a global basis. While the PS3, has struggled out of the gate, we note that since last fall, the console has been outselling the Xbox 360 in Europe, and in the first two months of this year has even outsold the Xbox 360 on its home turf, in the U.S. (In Japan, overtaking the Xbox 360 was almost immediate). With its strong slate of software scheduled for the coming year, we expect a material acceleration for the PS3 this year, but we believe the Wii will sell more than the PS3 and Xbox 360 combined this year.”

This is a Wii site and as such we’re all big fans of the system, but even I have to wonder how true this can be. Shortage reports are still cropping up, major games are coming out for both the 360 and the PS3, and at some point everyone who wants a Wii is going to own a Wii. I’m no analyst though, so what do I know? Wii Fit is sure to move even more consoles and third parties are starting to produce better and better games for the system, so even with the aforementioned problems we could still see some truly great sales for the Wii. Only time, or the next analyst prediction, will tell.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Sells 5 Million Copies

authorBucky | March 7, 2008


Well it looks like brand power has once again won out over quality. Word is that Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games has sold 5 million copies with the Wii and DS sales combined and since this happened two days ago it’s probably over 5 million by now. While this is great news about the Wii doing well and games selling well on it, it’s terrible news since this is one of the lesser games out there for the system. While Mario and Sonic flies off the shelves truly innovative and challenging games like Zak and Wiki or No More Heroes sit there just begging to be appreciated for how great they are.

I’m not against casual games and I’m definitely not against Mario and Sonic competing but they should do it in a really great game and gamers shouldn’t support a quick cash in like this so rampantly. So here’s what you can do to help. If you bought Mario and Sonic and are now bored with it (highly likely) go back to the store, turn in your copy and pick up Zak and Wiki. Trust me you won’t regret it.


Independent Data Reveals Nintendo Sales For 2007

authorBucky | January 18, 2008

It was announced yesterday that the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii were the best selling game systems in the US for 2007. Us Nintendo fans already knew that. ;)

REDMOND, Wash., Jan. 17, 2008 – Nintendo DS™ and Wii™ finished strong in 2007, commanding sales in the holiday shopping period and finishing the year as the two best-selling video game systems in the United States, according to new data just released by the independent NPD Group. Nintendo DS was the top-selling U.S. system of 2007, with nearly 8.5 million sold, including more than 4 million in November and December alone. Wii placed second, with nearly 6.3 million sold through the year, more than 2.3 million of which sold in the final two months.

“By the end of 2007 we were sold out of virtually all hardware, and much of our stock of software and accessories was sold out as well, thanks to the broad appeal of Wii and Nintendo DS to core gamers, women, families, grandparents – and seemingly everyone in between,”said Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of sales & marketing. “And that momentum continues here in the early weeks of 2008.”

Some additional facts about Nintendo’s 2007 performance in the United States (note: All figures are from NPD):

* Nintendo accounted for 52 percent of all video game hardware systems sold in 2007 – more than all other manufacturers combined.

* Since their respective launches, Nintendo has sold more than 17.6 million Nintendo DS systems and nearly 7.4 million Wii systems in the United States alone.

* Wii Playâ„¢, a collection of nine fun mini-games, finished 2007 with 4.1 million units sold.

* Super Mario Galaxyâ„¢ sold through more than 2.5 million copies since it launched on Nov. 12.

* The two games in the Brain Age® series each sold about 1 million copies in 2007.

* Half of the top 30 best-selling games of 2007 were made for Nintendo systems, including Pokemon® Pearl, Pokemon® Diamond, Mario Party® DS, Guitar Hero III™: Legends of Rock and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games™.

* Nintendo continues to dominate the hand-held market: Of the top 30 best-selling portable games sold in 2007, 25 were made for Nintendo DS and another two were made for Game Boy® Advance.

* Sales of Nintendo DS systems grew 60 percent over those from 2006.

* In 2007, the video game industry grew by 43 percent over 2006. Nintendo is responsible for 60 percent of that growth.

System December 2007/Annual 2007

Nintendo DS 2.47 million/8.50 million
Wii 1.35 million/6.29 million
Xbox 360 1.26 million/4.62 million
PlayStation Portable 1.06 million/3.82 million
PlayStation 2 1.1 million/3.97 million
PlayStation 3 797.6 K/2.56 million

What lies ahead for Nintendo in the upcoming year? With the current 2008 Wii game lineup, we can only see an even brighter future.

Wii Fit Sells 1 Million

authorBucky | January 9, 2008


One month, one million. That is a pretty impressive feat for any game, let alone one that dives headfirst into such untested grounds as videogame fitness as Wii Fit does. Wii Fit has become a very major hit in Japan, reports Japan’s business news source Nikkei, selling over one million WiiFit packages (the game and balance board together) as of Jan. 6. Unlike many of my more cynical gaming friends, I can’t wait to get my hands on this and see if it can actaully whip me back into some sort of decent shape. Reports from Japan make it seem pretty fun and show it as working well but we won’t know till later this year when the Wii Fit comes to US shores. Even if excersing does turn out to be a lame duck we can always keep our fingers crossed that companies will actaully use the board for some really innovative games like, say, a Back to the Future hover board game. Am I the only one who would be excited for that? Guys? Come on!


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