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Brawl Passes One Million Sales

authorBucky | February 13, 2008


The highly anticipated Super Smash Bros. Brawl has sold 1.08 million copies since it launched in Japan two weeks ago. Blowing Wii Fit out of the water, there’s no doubt that Super Smash Bros. Brawl is currently the favorite out of the Wii’s library in Japan, and it will likely continue this trend all over the world. North America is up next with the game due out on March 9th. It will likely be hard to find a copy for a while. Everyone I know that has a Wii is planning on purchasing this game.

A quick comparison to just how quickly it got to 1 million copies: It took Wii Sports 11 weeks. It took Wii Fit seven weeks. Super Mario Galaxy has yet to do it in 14 weeks. Brawl? Well, it only took 11 days.

Smash Bros News: Ness in Brawl!

authorLukatoll | February 2, 2008

Well, would you look at that!

Ness made his way back onto Smash Bros for the third time, and he is a hidden character! Although many people speculated that Ness wasn’t returning and Lucas was to steal his spotlight, Ness managed to stay on! The most important thing is, Ness and Lucas are not clones. Although they can both perform some of the same moves the power of the move is different, for example:

Lucas’s PK-Thunder pass’s through enemies and Ness’s does not.


Ness’s homerun bat does more damage then Lucas’s stick, but it has a longer startup time.

ehh… sounds a little clonish to me…

But, I have no problems with that! I welcome our beloved Ness with open arms, and am glad to have him back again! I’m sure you are too! This game just keeps getting better and better!

SSBB Strategy Guide Pre-Order

authorBucky | January 2, 2008

Super Smash Brothers Brawl Strategy Guide

If you want to be the first person on SSBB to kick ass and take names, you had better get yourself a strategy guide from Prima Games. Prima makes the best guides hands down, and this one will be no different. SSBB is one of the most anticipated games for the Nintendo Wii mainly due to its online competitions. If you want to rank at the top of the SSBB online leaderboard, grab this guide.(Image is clicky.)

SSBB Strategy Guide

Fight Roster: Fighting out of games across the years come many of your favorite characters. Each one is highlighted with a full moves list, strategies, and more.
Moves List: Make smashing easier with a full moves list in an easy-to-follow format.
Hard Core Fight Strategies: Don’t just button mash! Turn to our elite expert author for the best strategies to achieve victory and bring your game to competition level!
Pick-ups: Learn what they do before you pick them up (or before they’re used on you).

If you don’t use guides for games, this would make a great collectors item.

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