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Homebrew Super Mario Halloween Costumes

authorMark | October 14, 2010

Here’s a few Super Mario (and a few miscellaneous gaming costumes) from across the web to get your creative juices flowing…

Super Mario Chess Set Now Available

authorMark | December 5, 2009

USAopoly, game maker noted for their spinoff versions of Monopoly, has released a Super Mario Chess Set just in time for the holiday season. Could be a nice alternative to a video game for the gamer in your life as well as a neat way to introduce them to chess! The pieces are the classic Nintendo Good Guys vs. Bad Guys, with Mario and Luigi as the King and Queen for the Good Guys and Bowser and Bowser Jr. for the Bad Guys. Gold coins and Koopa shells are the pawns.

Mario and Bowser Evolution

authorMark | October 10, 2008

Brett Elston of has an interesting post on “The Ever Changing Sizes of Mario and Bowser”, showing how the characters have evolved over the years.

         “If you study the duo’s evolution over the course
          of 23 years, it’s just plain funny how much Bowser
         has shifted sizes, from roughly comparable to
         Mario to Godzilla-sized beast of fury.”


Could this be the start of a Super Mario ‘roids scandal? Fun stuff. Check it out!

Super Mario Asteroids Widget

authorMark | October 8, 2008

Just a quick post to let  everyone know that we’ve added a new widget to our site that let’s you play the classic Asteroids game with a Super Mario twist! Just click on the Super Mario Asteroids page below our logo and follow the instructions. Give us your feedback on what you think.


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