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Mega Man 9 Debut Trailer and Details

authorLukatoll | July 12, 2008

Who can forget that distinct sound of an old-school game? The well-crafted midi music brings the good memories back to all of us. The songs were so catchy that you found yourself humming them all day because you couldn’t get them out of your head, no matter how hard you tried. This is why we play old-school games, not just for the songs, but for that sense of your childhood being rekindled.

This is why we must thank Nintendo for bringing us Virtual Console. And now we must thank Capcom for bringing us Mega Man 9, a new game in the series that brings Mega Man back to his roots on the Wii Ware service. Be prepared to be blown away with the trailer below.

That’s not all. Capcom has also confirmed that Mega Man 1 and 2 will be making their way to the Virtual Console. Also, many thought that Mega Man 9 would be a Wii Ware exclusive, but Capcom has announced that Mega Man 9 will be hitting all three consoles.

Are you a die-hard fanboy of Mega Man? Did you wet yourself when watching that video? Discuss Mega Man 9, or any other Mega Man in ‘The Retro Gamer’ section of our forums.

Defend Your Castle coming to WiiWare

authorLukatoll | February 27, 2008

Today, XGen Studios announced that Defend you Castle will be available on Wii-Ware for 500 Wii points. The online flash game is due out sometime in early 2008.

In the game, you basically do what the title says, you have to defend your castle. When you see a little stick figure running towards your castle you must point at him with your mouse, click on him, and throw him up. After a second or two, the poor little stick figure comes flying back down and splatters all over the ground. As you progress through the levels, more and more enemies start attacking and they eventually become faster and stronger. You can also purchase upgrades for your castle or buy little archers that help you fend off the enemy.

The company stated that the Wii-Ware version would have better graphics then its online counterpart, but other changes were not specified.

If you want to tryout the game for yourself click on this link: Defend Your Castle

After playing the online version, feel free to leave a comment below stating whether or not you think the game is worth your money.

Update To Photo Channel (1.1)

authorBucky | December 18, 2007

As most have already found out, the update to the photo channel has been released. Unfortunately, this update will cause your Wii to lose its ability to play MP3 files. You do, however, gain the ability to play AAC files. I don’t personally know of anyone who uses the Photo Channel, but I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who do.

If you downloaded the update not knowing that you were going to lose your MP3 playback, there is a way to downgrade to version 1.0. Just follow the downgrade instructions at brought to you via Nintendo. If you bought your Wii with version 1.1 of the Photo Channel already installed (Dec. 07), your out of luck. You can’t rollback the photo channel on those Wii.

Going back to Photo Channel 1.0
If you updated to Photo Channel 1.1, but have decided you prefer Photo Channel 1.0 (for instance if you’d rather have MP3 compatibility instead of AAC), going back is easy. All you have to do is select the Wii button from the Wii menu, choose Data Management, and select “Channels.” Select the Photo Channel icon and confirm you wish to delete it. After that, Photo Channel 1.0 will automatically be available again from your Wii menu. If you ever change your mind, simply go back to the Wii Shop Channel and re-download Photo Channel 1.1!

Please note that Wii consoles that come with Photo Channel 1.1 pre-installed at the factory will not have the ability to delete that version and downgrade to Photo Channel 1.0 (these consoles became available at retail in December, 2007).

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