Third-Party Devs did not know about MotionPlus

Nintendo’s new peripheral, known as the MotionPlus, is the company’s newest idea that is sure to sell millions. The device snaps onto the back of the remote and enables the controller to make nearly perfect, 1:1 movement. The MotionPlus would work so well with a number of different games, but those hoping that those games would come soon are out of luck.

When will we see third-party Motion Plus games?

When will we see third-party Motion Plus games?

Game Informer magazine, after talking to many developers, have reported that third-party developers also didn’t know about the MotionPlus until we did. Was it a good or bad move by Nintendo?

The good part, nothing was leaked. Occasionally, developers will let something slip, by accident or on purpose. But it does happen at times and Nintendo likely wanted people to be taken by surprise (which we were).

The bad part, developers have had no time to work with games using the motion plus. It may be a while before we get the first quality title that uses the MotionPlus. Which brings up the question, When will we be seeing the first third-party MotionPlus game? Hit the jump for more.

Game Informer asked many third-party developers how they felt about being left in the dark and the general feeling was “of annoyance and betrayal.” No developer had any prior notice of the motion plus (except for the Nintendo team of course) and without any prior notice, the first wave of games supporting the game could take anywhere from 6 to 9 months! That’s a long time. Most of the third-party developers also doubt that the MotionPlus will be incorporated into games that are already deep into development.

Even without much third-party support for a while, I think the MotionPlus will still sell very well. Think of all the casual players who will want to play Wii Sports Resort. Then they’re gonna want to play with their buddies and forced to buy another MotionPlus. Wii Sports Resort will likely sell big in comparison to Wii Play and once again, Reggie, Iwata, and Miyamoto will be rolling around in their pool of money while laughing like little girls. What do you guys think of Nintendo’s decision? Discuss it in our forums!

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  • By barters81, July 28, 2008 @ 10:50 pm

    I think if Nintendo don’t start making all their new wiimotes with this new tech already built in its a disgusting display of cash grabbing. Now i’m a big Nintendo fanboy from way back to the days of the original mario bros….but this will be a joke. I’m tired of buying new things for my wii…..I mean if it wasn’t chipped I would gone back to my PS3 and written off Nintendo as another M$. But on the other side of the coin….if this new tech works, it will be great.

  • By ., August 14, 2008 @ 5:36 pm

    The Wii already has a DVD drive.. It’s what’s used to, you know read the games that come on DVD disks.. The reason it can’t play DVD’s straight out of the box is because Nintendo didn’t want to pay people or something like that.. You could get modded firmware to play DVDs

  • By ., August 14, 2008 @ 5:37 pm

    Eh? Previous comment was meant for the post about Wii channels..

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