What Recession? Nintendo Set to Post Record Profit

With strong sales of the Wii, DS and top selling software, analysts anticipate Nintendo will post a record operating profit of $5.3 billion (yes, with a “b”) for their fiscal year which just ended on March 31st.

With their competitors reelingĀ  (Sony is expected to post record losses), combined with the phenomenal launch of the DSi, which sold an incredible 600,000 in the US and Europe in its first weekend, Nintendo is in a position few other companies can claim: cash rich, sales continuing to rise and a hot new product that will ensure continued success through 2009.

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  • By Motion Plus Wii, June 6, 2009 @ 1:15 pm

    I think Nintendo’s secret to success lies in their constant ability to innovate as well as proper positioning. They’re coming out next with the Wii Motion Plus, a low cost accessory that attaches to the end of a Wii Remote, making the remote more aware of your every movement so that your avatar can duplicate it exactly. It’s so low budget that every person who has a Wii is going to want one and then that’s followed by new games that are specially being designed with the Motion Plus in mind. (Old games won’t work with the new accessory) No wonder Nintendo is making record profits! Not only do they have excellent strategies, they really give gamers what they really want — a gaming experience that’s almost real.

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