What Wii Mod is Right for You?

With the Wii sneaking into households all over the world, more and more people are tying to shake things up a little bit by modding the outside appearance of their Wii. Ranging from simple glorified vinyl stickers known as “skins,” to full blown case replacements, the Wii case mod scene is growing bigger by the day. Let’s take a look at a small sample of what’s out there for your Wii, and find out what mod might be right for you!

For The…

Halo Enthusiast:
As every person who likes to shoot things has found out, the Wii hasn’t had the strongest showing of FPSs thus far in its lifespan. For those who secretly wish that their Wii was some sort of unlockable achievement for the most frags in Halo, this sweet case mod from Xbox-Modchips should fit in rather nicely next to your collectible Master Chief helmet.

Stubborn Retro Gamer:
Do you feel like there hasn’t been a worthwhile game released since 1996? Have you spent more money on Virtual Console games than actual games for your Wii? Was NHL ‘93 the pinnacle of your hockey career? If you answered yes to any of these questions, these sweet skins from DecalGirl and PimpMyWii just might be perfect for your Wii. As an added bonus, you can camouflage the fact that you’ve entered the next generation!

Person in need of a “Sleek and Sexy” Wii:
Sometimes people feel a little ashamed spending their hard earned cash on videogame systems, while other times people may just feel a little shy buying a Wii. If you’re looking to either make your Wii disappear into a cloud of mirrors, or simply look a bit more sleeker and sexier, take a gander at these XCM-ii cases which can be found at various places on the internets (like DecalGirl and Xbox- Modchips).

Person in search of their own, Custom Wii:
For those with fat wallets and good ideas, the Wii has become a new canvas to express your love for your favorite videogames, movies, and more. Many of us have seen these superb Wii mods on various sites, but seeing the level of dedication and creativity put into these things never gets too old. Take a peek at some of the finest game, movie, and “other” inspired Wii mods that the internet has to offer. Most of these were created by Ramon Stokes of Morpheon Mods, while the wonderful airbrush Wii was recently auctioned off on eBay for rather cheap. Take a peek!

And finally, if you can’t get enough LED lights or crazy case cutouts, then these two riciculous(ly amazing) Wii case mods just might be for you!

The Wii sure has inspired a lot of awesome mods that caught many of us off guard. While the 360 and PC world have generally been the two forerunners in case modding, the popularity of the Wii has apparently landed it in new territories. While I can’t knock the LED filled Wii’s, I’m a bit partial to that sexy black case myself. So, fellow Wii gamer, what’s your favorite?

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