Wii MotionPlus to come with sequel to Wii Sports

The newly announced Wii MotionPlus will be released alongside a sequel to Wii Sports - Wii Sports Resort, a Game Reggie describes as “Literally a day at the beach!”  The game will also come with an extended jacket for the remote to accommodate the Wii MotionPlus, as shown in pictures of the device.

They demoed three games, all using amazing looking 1:1 control with Wii motion.  First was Disc-dog, a frisbee game that played much like the mini-game in Nintendogs.  Second was a Jet Ski game that instantly brough back memories of Wave Race 64.  You lean with the Remote and Nunchuck to steer, and twist the remote to control the throttle.

Finally was Fencing, which could lead to the Zelda and Star Wars games we have all been hoping for.  Holding the Wii remote in both hands, you can slash in any direction to attack.  They showed a training mode where you had to chop pieces of wood, and a two player battle that used a split screen much like Wii Sports boxing.

Stay tuned for info and images as we get them.

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