Wii Promotions @ Burger King Going On Now

Burger King is currently  offering two Wii promotions. First up, when you purchase a BK Crown Card, you are entered for a chance a Wii. The second is that kids meals currently have mini Wii toys, along with a promotional coupon from EA Games. The ten Wii kids meal toys offered are:

Whirl ‘n’ Twirl Princess Peach,  Mario Kart Yoshi,  Chain Chomp Launcher,  Light-Up Luma,  Rumbling Tumbling Diddy Kong,  Float and Go Boo,  Mario to the Rescue,  Galaxy Blast Mario,  Flip & Stick Donkey Kong  and  Metroid Challenge

Each toy comes with EA Games coupon codes for $5 off four selected Wii games you purchase through the EA Online Store: Littlest Pet Shop, Nerf N-Strike, Boom Blox and Boogie SuperStar. The promotional codes are in the back of the coupon book. The coupon codes in both of my kids’ books were the same, so I’m assuming that is the case everywhere. They are:

  • $5 off Boogie SuperStar or Boom Blox: EABK47381
  • $5 off Littlest Pet Shop or Nerf N-Strike: HASBRO

If you find different codes, let me know and I will post them. You can find images of the toys at Burger King’s kids site: Club BK.

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