Wii Speak - Wii gets voice chat!

Nintendo have finally addressed the requests for voice chat on Wii.  Rater than use a headset for individual players, ‘Wii Speak’ will use a microphone that mounts on top of the sensor bar and connects to the Wii via USB.  This will make it what they a ‘community mic’, allowing everyone in the room to interact with other players around the world.  The first title to use Wii Speak will be Animal Crossing: City Folk which is scheduled for release this year.  They showed a demo of three players visiting someone’s city and chatting while they had a fishing contest.

No other titles were mentioned that will support Wii Speak, but Call of Duty: World at War and Star Wars: Battlefront III both look like ideal candidates.  It also remains to be seen weather it will be backwards compatible with existing online titles such as Mario Kart Wii.  Stay Tuned for more info and images.

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