Yahoo’s E3 Review: Console wars heat up for 2008: Sony impresses, Microsoft surprises, Nintendo disappoints

They give it to Nintendo pretty good…

In contrast, it was hard to dodge the grumbling on the way out of the Nintendo event. Where were the classic franchises we all know and love? Where, for that matter, was Mario? Nintendo fans had to make do with a new Animal Crossing title, and an oh-so-vague mention of a Grand Theft Auto game on the DS handheld. Accessories like the MotionPlus controller plug-in and the WiiSpeak microphone are all very well, but don’t we have enough bits of plastic cluttering up our houses already?

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Well, I’d personally have to say that I don’t think that it was the best E3 ever for Nintendo, and I do think that they could have done better with a few more announcements, but hey, at least we got the MotionPlus controller, and some Animal Crossing to tide us over.

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